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Prohibiting Veils in France

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Prohibiting Veils in France
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Abdullah Rintala

Liittynyt: 05 Kes 2010
Viestejä: 479

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Salam alaykum!

Allah mentions in His Book how people acted against Believers in Allah:

People of Lut (AS) were having lust with men and leaving women and were transgressing beyond bounds. Their answer to the Believers was to drive them out of the city, "indeed they wan to be men clean and pure!" (6:80-82)

When The Last Messenger (SA) was taken away, the Jewish prostitutes in Yemen were rejoicing.
Why? Because they were earning their living out of dirt, they couldn't apprehend decency and purity (Shari'a). They were like flies in the dirt. Abu Bakr al-Siddiq (Ra) had them killed.

Wrongdoer hates the Light of Allah, because it proves his actions wrong.

There is a legend existing somewhere that Nimrod, who was a king in the Land of Two Rivers during Ibrahim (AS) that he hated the message of Tawheed so much that he acted opposed to it: He married and slept with his own mother, ate pork. It is said that Statue of Liberty represents Nimrod's wife as a mockery from France wa Allahu alam.

When Musa (AS) delivered the message of Tawheed to Fir'awn he replied "if he was going to take another god besides him, he will put him in prison!"(26:29)


"I am your lord most high!"

And he argued how he gives life and takes life. They also spread rumours that "Israilees are planning to drive the people out of their country"

And Pharoah put his coalition in every city and they said "how Israilees has made them angry but we are men of strengh."

Bani Israil in their hypocrisy was saying to Musa "since you came with your message, we had nothing but trouble."

Pharoah said if his people change their religion, it "would cause mischief in the land!"

The hijab was ordered when couple of men from Quraishi were advancing a Muslim Woman with lust. They were told that this woman was a muslim and they replied they didn't know. So Allah ordered a veil so that muslim women "could be recognised chaste and pious and they would not be harrassed."

There is no any kind of absoute opinion among disbelievers how woman should be dressed and how much should be covered. So based on that disbelievers have nothing utter about.

Deriving opinion from "majority" is vague because there is no any kind of consensus how woman should be dressed. Imitating others is not a proof and not even intelligent as there is always someone leading and others following it. There is room for all kinds of dressing, so the fault is not in Islam commanding women to dress modestly, but in the surrounding society, not allowing something particular dress code.

The opposing argument that "we in deMOCKracy allow women to dress as they like" is not uttered as its face value, rather to utter that "we in freedom do not oppress women as you muzlems do." But they oppress veiled women in any rude way, so their utterance about freedom or non-oppression is false.

When there is a discussion on niqaab or hijab there is always a think-tank non-muslim "professor" or "moderate" muslimah trying to convince that veil is not in the Qur'an and that niqaab is cultural thing, trying to make a false belief that muslim converts or muslims in general do not know anything about Islam and they are ready to accept what ever the Saudi "wahabism" or "salafism" is feeding.

I have come into the conclusion that "information" presented in the media,documentaries and news, is only a fund-raising project for military and christian missionary work. Afganistan is shown only because military personnel is requiring money from the state budget and also a hint for christian-based missionary work to persuade to invest on "humanitary" work in Afganistan, documentaries on Pakistan and Iran are shown for similar reasons.

"Freedom" and similar anti-Islam dawah is supported strongly by the west in Afganistan, Iran and Pakistan also for itself but also to create mischief, provoking "Islamic movements" to attack heavily, so news can be made out of it and money is raised and US and EU troops are approved to be present there.

Legislation on niqaab in France is also a sign of how irresponsible the legislation can get, how minority can be oppressed in defense of values. Small garment not indicating violence or oppression can be a reason for legislation process. Jews in Germany in the 1930's were not allowed to sit in public transport, Afroamericans were not allowed to enter white hospitals, restaurants, busses..

And now our pious sisters in niqaab are prohibited in public places and services, even her husband gets punished.

And Everybody even in Finland are screaming "Way to Go!!"

Wa Allahu musta'an

Abdullah Rintala
Per Lok 01, 2010 7:53 pm Näytä käyttäjän tiedot Lähetä yksityinen viesti
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