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Salaiset "pimeät" vankilat

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Salaiset "pimeät" vankilat
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Moni näistä vangeista on saattanut kulkea läpi muutaman "salaisen" vankilan ennen Guantanamoon joutumista tai sitten on vain "kadonnut" "onnettomuuden" takia. Tässä listaa mahdollisista pimeistä vankiloista, joista on joko todisteita tai vahvoja epäilyjä.

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Suspected black sites

The U.S. and suspected CIA "black sites" Extraordinary renditions allegedly have been carried out from these countries Detainees have allegedly been transported through these countries Detainees have allegedly arrived in these countries Sources: Amnesty International[31], Human Rights Watch, Black sites article on Wikipedia[citation needed]


In Thailand, the Voice of America relay station in Udon Thani was reported to be a black site. Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has denied these reports.

Middle East

In Afghanistan, the prison at Bagram Air Base was initially housed in an abandoned brickmaking factory outside Kabul known as the "Salt Pit" , but later moved to the base some time after a young Afghan died of hypothermia after being stripped naked and left chained to a floor. During this period, there were several incidents of torture and prisoner abuse, though they were related to non-secret prisoners, and not the CIA-operated portion of the prison. At some point prior to 2005, the prison was again relocated, this time to an unknown site. Metal containers at Bagram Air Base were reported to be black sites. Some Guantanamo detainees report being tortured in a prison they called "the dark prison", also near Kabul Also in Afghanistan, Jalalabad and Asadabad have been reported as suspected sites.

In Iraq, Abu Ghraib was disclosed as also working as a black site, and was the center of an extensive prisoner abuse scandal. Additionally, Camp Bucca (near Umm Qasr) and Camp Cropper (near the Baghdad International Airport) were reported.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported Al Jafr prison in Jordan as a black site.

Black sites have also been reported in Alizai, Kohat, and Peshāwar, Pakistan. The Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram reported in December 2001 that 275 prisoners, charged with illegally entering Pakistan, were interrogated by the FBI and CIA at Kohat prison, writing that while Pakistani Taliban were questioned by Pakistan's intelligence agency, the Arabs were "at the mercy of the FBI and CIA."


Some reported sites in Egypt, Libya, and Morocco, as well as Djibouti. The al-Tamara interrogation centre, five miles outside the Moroccan capital, Rabat, is cited as one such site.

On January 23, 2009, The Guardian reported that the CIA ran a secret detention center in Camp Lemonier in Djibouti, a former French Foreign Legion base.

Indian Ocean

The U.S. Naval Base in Diego Garcia was reported to be a black site, but UK and U.S. officials initially attempted to suppress these reports. However, it has since been revealed by Time Magazine and a "senior American official" source that the UK isle was indeed used by the US as a secret prison for "war on terror" detainees.

While the revelation is expected to cause considerable embarrassment for both governments, UK officials may face considerable exposure since they had previously quelled public outcry over US detainee abuse by falsely reassuring the public no US detainment camps were housed any on UK bases or territories. The UK may also face liabilities over apparent violations of international treaties.


Several European countries (particularly the former Soviet satellites and republics) have been accused of and denied hosting black sites: the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.??? Slovak ministry spokesman Richard Fides said the country had no black sites, but its intelligence service spokesman Vladimir Simko said he would not disclose any information about possible Slovak black sites to the media.[citation needed] EU Justice commissioner Franco Frattini has repeatedly asserted suspension of voting rights for any member state found to have hosted a CIA black site.

The interior minister of Romania, Vasile Blaga, has assured the EU that the Mihail Kogălniceanu Airport was used only as a supply point for equipment, and never for detention, though there have been reports to the contrary. A fax intercepted by the Onyx Swiss interception system, from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to its London embassy stated that 23 prisoners were clandestinely interrogated by the U.S. at the base. In 2007, it was disclosed by Dick Marty (investigator) that the CIA allegedly had secret prisons in Poland and Romania.

There are other reported sites in Ukraine, who denied hosting any such sites, and the Republic of Macedonia.

In June 2008 a New York Times article claimed citing unnamed CIA officers that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was held in a secret facility in Poland near Szymany Airport, about 100 miles north of Warsaw and it was there where the he was interrogated and the waterboarding was applied. It is claimed that waterboarding was used about 100 times over a period of two weeks before Khalid Sheikh Mohammed began to cooperate.

In September 2008 two anonymous Polish intelligence officers made the claims about facilities being located in Poland in the Polish daily newspapewr Dziennik. One of them stated that between 2002 and 2005 the CIA held terror suspects inside a military intelligence training base in Stare Kiejkuty in north-eastern Poland. The officer said only the CIA had access to the isolated zone, which was used because it was a secure site far from major towns and was close to a former military airport. Both the then Prime Minister, Leszek Miller, and President, Aleksander Kwasniewski, knew about the base, the newspaper reported. However the officer said it was unlikely either man knew if the prisoners were being tortured because the Poles had no control over the Americans' activities.

On January 23, 2009 The Guardian reported that the CIA had run black sites at Szymany Airport in Poland, Camp Eagle in Bosnia and Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo.

"The one who is (truly) imprisoned is the one whose heart is imprisoned from Allah, and the captivated one is the one whose desires have enslaved him." Ibn Taymiyah
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