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Liittynyt: 16 Syy 2004
Viestejä: 1586

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The Ruling On Moving a Corpse From One Land to Another

Question : What do you think about someone who wills that when he dies he should be buried in a certain place. Should this will be carried out ?

Answer : Firstly, it must be asked why has he chosen this place? Perhaps he chose it to be near some false tomb or a tomb that is taken as a partner ( i.e. worshipped ) along with Allah or for some other forbidden reasons. Hence, in this case it is not permissible to carry out his will and he should ( instead ) be buried with the Muslims if he was a Muslim. If he willed this for some other reason, such as him willing to be transported to his land where he lived, then there is no harm in carrying out his will. This is allowed as long as it does not involve wastefully destroying wealth. If this involves the destruction of wealth such that the person cannot be transported except by paying a lot of dirhams ( i.e. money ) , then his will should not be carried out . Allah's land is one, as long as the land is the land of the Muslims.

Ash- Shaykh Ibn Uthaimin
Fatawa Islamiyyah
pg. 72

"The one who is (truly) imprisoned is the one whose heart is imprisoned from Allah, and the captivated one is the one whose desires have enslaved him." Ibn Taymiyah
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